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BCC Meetings

Regular meetings of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) typically begin at 9:00 am on selected Tuesdays of each month. Meetings are held in BCC Chambers located in the County Administration Center Building, 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando. Video is available following the meeting.

The Clerk of the BCC (Clerk) is responsible for keeping accurate minutes and maintaining official BCC records for all BCC meetings. The Clerk provides electronic copies of BCC meeting minutes dating back to 1869. The Clerk also provides electronic copies of official BCC documents, public hearing notices, County staff reports, decision letters, PowerPoint Presentations, and audio/video recordings.

To search Board records between October 4, 2016 through Present, visit the Comptroller’s InSite Page.

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BCC MeetingMeeting DateCounty Agenda, Meeting Minutes,
and PowerPoint Presentations
Supporting Materials
BCC Meeting2015-04-07Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-03-24Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-03-10Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-02-24Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-02-10Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-01-27Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-01-13Board Documents
BCC Meeting2015-01-06Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-12-16Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-12-02Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-11-18Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-11-11Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-10-21Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-10-14Board Documents
BCC Meeting2014-09-23Board Documents
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