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Orange County Charter

Orange County, Florida has been governed by Charter since 1987. The County’s Charter is like its constitution, and grants our own citizens and citizen-elected officials control over local and regional issues. This control adapts and evolves with our community as the Charter Review Commission (CRC) convenes every four (4) years to assess the powers of this home-rule document. Fifteen (15) appointed citizen representatives utilize research, discussion, professional advisors, and input from the public to develop questions that may be placed on the ballot during a presidential election year.

From February 25, 2019 through June 3, 2020, the 2020 CRC held a total of sixty-seven (67) meetings: thirteen (13) full CRC meetings, including six (6) designated and advertised public hearings, thirty-nine (39) subcommittee, including one (1) work group, meetings and nine (9) other sunshine meetings held between two (2) or more members of the 2020 CRC. Public hearings were held at locations throughout Orange County, with one in each Commission District.

The 2020 CRC conducted a comprehensive review of the Charter and has chosen to place three (3) prospective Charter amendments on the ballot for consideration by Orange County voters in November.  The 2020 CRC reached this decision after holding numerous public hearings and after receiving testimony from County officials, staff, Constitutional Officers, representatives of community organizations, members of the public and other interested parties.

The Final Report of the 2020 CRC is provided below.

Title Date Size
2020 CRC Final Report 2020/06/12 11 MB