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Tax Deed Sales


Each year, real estate taxes are to be paid by a predetermined date to avoid becoming delinquent. Once delinquent, the Tax Collector holds an auction in order to pay off the taxes. This auction is referred to as a Tax Certificate Sale (FS 197.432). The successful bidder at this auction is issued a Tax Lien Certificate which ensures the bidder that the Tax Lien will be paid off, with interest.

If the Tax Lien Certificate has not been paid off within two years, the holder of the certificate can apply to force a public auction of the property. This auction is referred to as a Tax Deed Sale (FS 197.542). The monies collected from this Tax Deed Sale are used to pay off the amount owed to the Tax Lien Certificate holder and other costs incurred in the sale process.

Tax Deed Sales in Orange County are done online using Registration and advance deposits are required to participate in the online auction. Information concerning Tax Deed sales may be obtained by using the RealAuction website or calling (877) 361-7325.

The research, bidding, and final payment can all be done online. Our offices continue to be closed to the public at this time in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Therefore, payment for successful bids will ONLY be accepted via wire payment.

The list of Lands Available for Taxes are properties which were offered, but not purchased, at a Tax Deed sale. After 90 days, any person or governmental unit may purchase the land for the opening bid, plus omitted years taxes, as cited in Florida Administrative Code 12D-13.064(3). View Code

To search for properties on the list of Lands Available for Taxes, you will use the Tax Deed Sale Search. When searching, select “Lands Available” in the Status field. If you have not used the Search before, you may want to review the Tax Deed Sales Help. You can view all tax deed files on this site as well.

Properties on Lands Available for Taxes can be viewed on a map with the GIS application. This application lets you view the Lands Available and properties that have a pending tax deed sale through our online auctions.


Tax Deeds are sold AS IS on a BUYER BEWARE basis. Properties may be subject to additional taxes and/or liens.

The Orange County Comptroller does not warrant the accuracy of the content on this site, and all data herein is subject to change and may be updated without notice. Properties may be redeemed at any time prior to the receipt of final payment of the winning bid. By using this service, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Orange County Comptroller for any damage of any kind that may be caused by retrieving this data over the Internet.

If you require additional assistance, you may contact the Tax Deed section of the Official Records Department during business hours at (407) 836-5116, or visit us at 109 E. Church St. Suite 300, in downtown Orlando.

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