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Special Magistrates

At its Organizational Meeting held on June 20, 2022, the 2022 VAB appointed the following individuals to serve as Special Magistrates during the 2022 tax cycle.

Attorney: Asima M. Azam, Todd M. Hoepker, Thomas Tukdarian and Karen Wonsetler

Real Property: Robert K. Babcock, Kenneth Evans, Edgar Fleri, Shawn Geurin (Residential 1-4 Units only), Lawrence J. Golicz, Ph.D., Stephen Jamir, Kelly Johnson (Residential 1-4 Units only), Albert A. Leserra Jr. (Residential 1-4 Units only), Diego Lopez, Terrie Peltier (Residential 1-4 Units only), Thomas A. Riddle, John Robinson, Marcos E. Salas, Richard L. Steeves, Robert Sutte, David L. Taylor, Scott H. Watson and Jose Wong

Tangible Personal Property: Pamela B. Andrea, Carl Chrappa, John Robinson, Alex Ruden, Marcos E. Salas, Robert Sutte and Edward Weinert